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“Your Guide to Living in the Netherlands” is more than just a tagline…

Welcome to, the go-to website for all things Dutch living-related.

We offer all the information you require, whether you’re an expat hoping to make the Netherlands your new home or simply someone curious about this stunning nation and its culture.

The goal of our website is to give you the most complete and current knowledge possible about the Netherlands, from its history and culture to its language and customs. Online Dutch courses, language schools, and study materials are just a few of the many tools we provide for learning Dutch.

We at are aware of the difficulties involved in relocating to a new nation, so we work hard to ease your transition. We want to assist you in making the most of your new home since we know how difficult it may be.

Eric Zwanenburg, our founder, is a Dutch national with extensive experience working abroad. He has resided in a number of places, including, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Canada and for the last 23 years in México. He founded to assist people relocating to the Netherlands as a result of his considerable knowledge in web development and SEO as well as his international living background.

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